Common Issues When Looking After An Infant

If you have had no prior experience with taking care of an infant or newborn, you will likely face a multitude of problems or issues with your first new born. This can be very taxing on your health, and may even make you feel dejected at not being able to soothe your crying baby. What can you do?

First things first: newborn babies act quite different to grown-up toddlers. Their needs and requirements are different as well. You should never expect to leave a newborn alone for more than a couple of hours. Even if you do, you should make sure to keep a close eye and check him or her out every few minutes. You also need to know a little more about some of the more common issues faced by parents taking care of their firstborn, and any solutions to such problems if available:

  • Soothing a Crying Baby – Newborn babies cry quite a lot. Most of the times it is due to them requiring your attention (remember, crying is the only way in which they can get you to look at them) or it may be just due to them feeling a little uneasy. The two most common reasons for crying are wet diapers or due to feeling hungry. Otherwise, a baby may cry due to excessive heat or cold, which can be easily resolved by adding or removing some clothing and a blanket or two. You may not always find the reason for crying straight away, but spending more time with your baby will help you find out what’s wrong in shorter period of time. A baby sleep specialist can also help detect issues related to waking up and crying.
  • Baby Waking Up Every Few Hours – Once again, remember that newborn babies are different from toddlers. One major difference would be the amount of sleeping hours they can get. While toddlers will easily sleep for six to eight hours consecutively without issues, newborns may wake up and start crying every hour or so. Don’t be upset at this fact: after all, newborns need to be fed at least eight to twelve times a day, and you can do so right after a baby wakes up. The only cause of concern would be if your baby doesn’t develop a good sleeping pattern after they are three to four months old. In that case, a toddler sleep consultant may be able to assist you. Visit this link for more info on toddler sleep consultant Melbourne.
  • Diaper Rashes – If your baby keeps getting diaper rashes, consider waiting less time before changing a diaper. Ideally, the change should be done as soon as you notice that the diaper is wet, but this is not always possible with your (now) hectic schedule. Some baby ointment can help cure any rashes that have already developed. Rub the ointment gently onto the affected area, and secure the diaper afterwards.
  • Any Other Issue – Be sure to keep a close watch on your baby twenty-four hours a day. If you notice anything irregular, like vomiting, excessive crying or even respiratory difficulties, it is advised to take your baby to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. Babies cannot cope with illnesses as we do, due to a less developed immune system. Be sure to get appropriate treatment and medication before it is too late to avoid irreparable damage.
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